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Sports Betting on Ronaldo's Future

Ask top sports betting talents what happens when you cross Fergie. Expect Ronaldo to wear the Real Madrid kit at the internet sports betting season.

Sports betting fans that have success in internet sports betting know when to, and when not to bet. One item of interest this off-season in the sports betting world of soccer has been the much debated future of Manchester United’s winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is a situation where sports betting fans need to know whether to bet on a move to Real Madrid or not. Sports betting media outlets have been covering this subject with the devotion of expectant parents and it’s evident even by Man U’s latest reactions that Ronaldo will be playing in Madrid in the upcoming season.

The rumors have quickly grown into overt declarations and it’s obvious to any sports betting fan with intuition that Ronaldo has burnt too many bridges at Old Trafford to show his face again or put on a Red Devil kit in the 2008-09 season.

Any fan of soccer sports betting in the EPL knows that once a player shows less than 110% allegiance to the club, they are asking for a transfer. Ronaldo knows this as well. One can only conclude that is why he has publicly announced he’s considering a future internet sports betting career in Madrid.

The reason for this, as every soccer sports betting fan knows, is because of Sir Alex Ferguson. He is perhaps the best manager anywhere in internet sports betting soccer. He has been extremely successful and he is a vindictive man. Once a player appears to breach his trust he will certainly be transferred elsewhere.

Loyalty appears to be everything to this icon of soccer sports betting, often to a fault. If you show loyalty at Man U it will be rewarded, but if you show even a hint otherwise you will be looking for a new home.

So the statements by Fergie that Ronaldo is not going anywhere are a tool to try and leverage the most sports betting out of a bidding club like Madrid, even if he knows he’s going to lose Ronaldo to a top Champions League competitor.

Once he mentioned he’d be interested in a soccer sports betting career at Madrid in public, Fergie had already dropped him from Man U, at least in his mind.