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Sports Betting on Ice at Sports Gambling

Sports Betting on the National Hockey League is never as obvious as it seems. Yet the sports betting online opportunities are limitless.

Sports Betting successfully on pro hockey comes down to an accurate assessment of value.  It also comes down to recognizing bad sports betting online odds and plays that are too expensive.  One of the sports betting skills to develop when betting hockey is to understand the money line.

Just like in baseball you will lay or take odds in hockey, which can mean heavy sports betting online odds on chalks.  Let’s face it, the typical sports betting player is always going to look first at the power home favorite.  It’s their sports betting online “comfort zone”.

The odds usually don’t matter to these types of sports betting players, they will lay whatever they must, even if it is a rip-off, just to be on the favorite.  Yet there are many great NHL sports betting examples of how illogical this approach really is.

The New York Rangers opened the 2008-09 season with a sparkling record of 22-11-1 straight up but were just 13-22 against the spread.  Why was such a winning team such a sports betting bankroll buster?  Because when the Rangers lose as favorites, a gambler will likely have had to lay out well over $200 to win just $100.

When the Rangers lose, it takes two future wins to make up for just that single loss.  The Montreal Canadiens have been another sports betting example of how a strong team can gush red ink.  Montreal began the season with a record of 17-9-1 straight up but the Habs were 12-19 against the sports betting odds.

Again, the oddsmakers are fully aware of the public sports betting appeal of Montreal, so they jack the price up sky high to attract action to the Canadiens’ opponent, making it far too expensive to make a long term profit with the Habs as one loss will set you back for weeks.

The Atlanta Thrashers provide us with the opposite side of this sports betting story.  Despite a straight up record of a terrible 10-17-4, the Thrashers were a profitable 17-14 against the odds.  That is because Atlanta receives ADDED value as a team that nobody wants to take.

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