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Sports Betting on College Football

Sports betting on college football is a favorite of many sportsbook gamblers who actually prefer the college game to the pros for many reasons.

Sports betting on college football can be one of the most exciting activities available at a sportsbook, especially on a Saturday full of games!  College football sports betting offers a far greater variety of possibilities than does NFL sportsbook action.

There are 118 major college football teams on the board compared to just 32 NFL teams.  Most weekends feature around 50 games on the board with around 40 to 45 on Saturday alone.  College Football Saturday is one of the absolute favorite days of all for many sports betting participants.

The games begin in the morning and run non stop until late at night and with all of that sports betting action comes countless opportunities for sides, totals, halves, props, money lines, parlays, teasers, etc.  Few sports can offer a day like College Football Saturday.

With all of that opportunity also comes greater sports betting risk.  With so many games many gamblers end up making the mistake of spreading themselves too thin with an overload of action.  There are some sports betting fans who might have up to 100 wagers on an individual Saturday of action.

A minimum of 25 bets by a sports betting handicapper on College Football Saturday is quite common.  With so much action each week in college football, money management and discipline become even more important factors for sports betting success.  A gambler that cannot control himself will be out of his bankroll in no time in college football.

For the best chance at success in the college game, “less is more” is the best approach.  The more selective a gambler is the better he will generally do at college football.  College football handicapping is often a process of eliminating games rather than adding them.

It’s about finding a low amount of absolute top picks and cutting loose anything else that isn’t top shelf.  For opportunity, fun, excitement, and variety, college football is the best bet each fall! is your best bet for any and all sports.

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