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Sports Betting on Basketball

Sports betting features on all kinds of online sports betting odds for basketball are available on the Internet.

However, among the sports betting fans that wager on basketball there has long been a divide as to whether college basketball or the NBA was the better bet. Sports betting sites cover both forms of the sport with equal vigor but in recent years the edge has gone college basketball online sports betting in terms of better entertainment and competition.

Not to take anything away from the NBA, but when faced with a choice between a great college sports betting match up or play the online sports betting odds on an NBA game, most sports betting fans would choose the college version.

For anyone not familiar with the nuances of the two different sports, the college game is a much more fast-paced event which features a purer form of basketball than what many sports betting fans see in the NBA. The NBA is all about isolation plays, jump shots and sagging defense.

The college game on the other hand is all about full court pressure, the fast break and ball movement, something that many online sports betting gurus claim is lacking from the game. Also the NBA sports betting season is way to long and the playoffs seem to go on for ages.

There has also been no real excitement in the playoffs for several years and the NBA Finals have been consistently the most boring of all the major championships in sports betting. But this year that might all change.

Sports betting fans have been enthralled thus far with the parity in the Western Conference and the title is pretty much up for grabs with a half dozen teams a very legitimate shot according to online sports betting analysts.

The NBA will not be able to overshadow the NCAA tournament, simply because the format is absolutely the best in all of sports betting, but it could give it a run for its money and attract many sports betting fans during its post season.

And that would be a very big development for major sports betting league like the NBA that has seen its popularity and the quality of its product decline since Michael Jordan left the bulls a decade ago.

So if you like sports betting but has turned off the NBA by the lack of competition, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what’s going on.