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Sports Betting on Baseball Keys at Sports Gambling

Sports betting on baseball comes down to a pair of online sports betting keys: pitching and board value.

Sports betting fans often get burned in baseball by taking the high priced teams on the online sports betting board such as the New York Yankees and gush red ink by doing so.  Smart sports betting on baseball starts with the fact that the online sports betting odds makers know how the public thinks and what the public is attracted too.

The Yankees have the big names, the big money, and the big media machine constantly in the face of the sports betting public and it is easy to get caught up into that if you are not careful.

The sports betting line makers know how the public loves the Yankees and that is translated into huge overlay lines on the pinstripers for almost every game, especially when they are at home.

You cannot successfully bet baseball and have sustained sports betting success by making overlays on heavy chalks such as the Yankees, especially when you take into account that New York’s pitching has been abysmal so far this year.  And pitching is what makes sports betting success in baseball.

The Kansas City Royals climb from worst to first is due to their pitching staff, which has been the top ranked unit in baseball after the first month plus of sports betting action.  Kansas City was the third most profitable team on the sports betting board due to the combination of that great pitching and the low expectations of the gambling public.

They are about as opposite of the Yankees as can be found.  The Los Angeles Dodgers ranked first in money making to start the season and they were second overall in pitching.  This is yet another classic illustration of just how important pitching is to baseball and wagering on it.

The San Francisco Giants and the Cincinnati Reds were surprise contenders after the first month of play and much of that had to do with their outstanding pitching staffs as they were both in the top five of the major leagues for earned run average.

The key to baseball wagering excitement is!

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