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Sports Betting Odds on Obama or McCain

Sports betting boards on most Internet sports betting sites are loaded with all the upcoming athletic competitions.

But in what has been become a regular quadrennial event the sites are also full of betting odds on the US presidential elections and heaps of commentary on every aspect of the process. But when you boil it all down the question remains, who will be the victor in this year’s ultimate sports betting competition: Obama or McCain? Sports betting fans with an interest in political betting have watched this race develop over the past 18 months and simply must be impressed with the way it’s evolved.

At the outset of this year’s sports betting odds election cycle, there wasn’t an Internet sports betting site that gave either man much of a shot of winning in the sports betting odds. But that’s why they have the campaign season and the primaries and whatever else constitutes a presidential race these days. And after 18 months of mud slinging and name calling these two men emerged as the two sports betting favorites to win the race.

Internet sports betting sites are now handicapping the race at a furious pace as excitement grows. These two once long-shots are both about 30 million votes away from the Whitehouse. As September draws to a close the two are in a statistical dead heat and sports betting odds favor neither. And while the polls show both men running more or else equal the race seems to a sports betting draw.

But a close examination of the quirky electoral voting system that the US employs to select its presidents would likely offer a much different picture to sports betting fans. And after all, it’s the electoral votes that determine the ultimate winner of this sports betting bonanza, not the polls. In the key swing states Obama has a sizeable lead in most of these states and that will likely decide the outcome.

As everyone well remembers from the Bush-Gore disaster, it’s not the person who wins the most popular votes, but rather the most electoral votes that captures the win. According to most pollsters and sports betting forecasts, Obama looks to have a sizeable command in this category.

While there’s still several weeks before this exciting political betting experience comes to a conclusion, Internet sports betting statistics would seem to favor Obama as the candidates approach the homestretch.

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