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Sports Betting Odds Makers

Sports betting odds makers get little sleep in the first part of the New Year. It seems there is always some event that needs sports betting odds.

That might not be so great for the sports betting odds makers, but for sports fans it’s an excellent arrangement. Sports betting odds are dominated with pro football at the beginning of the year as the NFL playoffs are underway and eventually they culminate in the Super Bowl, the biggest single day of betting action for sports betting odds fans.

But once the Super Bowl is done and over with, what’s left for the sports betting odds left to savor?  Plenty, actually, but one sports betting odds sport that often gets overlooked at this time of the year is baseball.  Long the pride of the sports betting odds world, baseball has taken a back seat to other sports in recent decades and some fans even find the game dull.

Football and basketball have long since passed America’s pastime over in terms of popularity when it comes to online sports betting odds and that problem has likely been exacerbated this off-season with all the steroid scandal and the Mitchell Report.  For old time sorts betting odds fans it’s a travesty.

But the only constant in the world, sports betting odds included, is change and baseball couldn’t maintain its hold on sports betting fans forever. But for the sports betting odds fans that still love to indulge in baseball betting, if nothing more than the sake of nostalgia, the months of February and March are a great time of the year to be a sports betting odds fan.

Around he beginning of February or a little after pitchers and catchers are forced to report to spring training which means that the sports betting odds for baseball will begin rolling out the sports betting industry post haste.

The pitchers and catchers in the pro baseball are used to the drill and know that their break is over as soon as they report and a long summer and early fall of baseball is in store for them.

Spring training used to be a huge deal for most fans, it was like the first snow of the year when you were a child, signaling that Christmas was on its way.  For many fans, it’s still that way, and that’s how should be considering that spring training can be one of the most rewarding sports betting experiences around.