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Sports Betting Odds for All Sports

Sports betting odds are the backbone of the sports betting world, covering so many sporting events, sports have are spoiled for choice.

Sports betting odds cover sports all over the spectrum. There are odds for table tennis. There are sports betting odds for real tennis. There are odds bowling. There are odds for college football bowls. In a nutshell there are sports betting lines and odds out there for just about any type of competition you might be able to imagine.

One sport that has just kicked off its regular season is golf.  The PGA Tour got into full swing three weeks ago and looks set to provide a year full of great entertainment and some interesting sports betting odds.

As always, Tiger Woods is headlining the cast of uber-talented ball strikers and will make his sports betting odds debut on the ’08 PGA Tour at the upcoming Buick Invitational.  Fans would be very wise to take whatever sports betting odds are being offered for Mr. Woods to win.

Although he hasn’t played competitively in several months his swing is as in tune as it’s ever been and all the sports betting odds will be favoring him to win this tournament.

But this raises a broader question regarding the season in general:  Is there anyone that can knock Tiger off the top of the board?

The quick and obvious answer to this question is ‘no’.  The buzz in the off-season was not just about how good Woods looks at present, but also about how much the rest of the field in the sports betting odds has seemed to fall off.

In years past fans will recall that there has generally been someone in the sports betting odds field to push Woods.  At present there is no one that appears to be a big threat to Woods. Tiger’s one time nemesis in the sports betting odds, Vijay Singh is finally showing his age and is no longer the golfer he once was.

Ernie Els has been slowed by injuries.  KJ Choy has showed streaks of brilliance against the sports betting odds in recent months, but is often unable to finish. And with no young Turks coming up, this season of golf will likely belong to Woods. In fact, it could be one of his greatest seasons against the sports betting odds ever.