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Sports Betting on NFL 2007-8

Sports betting favorites this year, online sports betting fans have never seen a team like they did during the 2007-8 NFL season.

Sports betting has seen it’s share of villains especially when it comes to football betting but rarely has there been a team that the online sports betting universe has almost universally despised. What makes this even stranger is that generally perfection is applauded in sports, even greatly encouraged when it comes to sports betting.

But aside from the pack of diehard fans in the Boston metro area, nearly every other sports betting fan could not wait for the Pats to fail. Never before has a team inspired such contempt among the sports betting world that nearly everyone was hoping to see the Pats fall flat on their face during the Super Bowl.

And for the tens of millions of online sports betting fans that saw this team come up short in the biggest online event imaginable it was fantastic. What is so strange about these sports betting developments is that generally sports fans like to back a winner and there has never been a team that won with such efficiency as the Pats.

But the problem with the Pats was their image among the sports betting community, which starts with their coach. This team, make no mistake about it, was construed as smug from almost the first week of the online sports betting season. The team was far from gracious in their victories and to many sports betting fans it even seemed as if they were trying to run up the score.

But more than anything this team’s image was shaped by its coach, Bill Belichek, who may very well be the most hated man in sports betting. He has the personality of a dead fish and is at best surly; at worst something that most people don’t want to associate with.

Perhaps his biggest transgression against the sports betting community however is his penchant for cheating. No one likes a cheater, especially sports betting fans, and Belichek has been caught red handed and his team will be forever tainted in the minds of online sports betting fans because of it.