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Sports Betting NBA West Read at Sports Gambling

Sports Betting handicappers have had a lot to consider when looking over the NBA Western Conference.

There have been significant sports betting online surprises and values.  Sports Betting on the Western Conference is far more than the Lakers or Spurs.  In fact one of the best values has come from one of the worst sports betting online teams!  If there is a sports betting team with less appeal than the Oklahoma City Thunder it’s hard to find.

The former Seattle Super Sonics began the season with a sports betting online record of 2-24 straight up.  However the Thunder had a sports betting mark of 14-12 against the spread!  How can this be?  How can a team that nobody that is sports betting online would want anything to do with be profitable?  That is just it.

Since nobody wants the Thunder, the oddsmakers beg players to take them with extra value-added odds!  But let’s take this to the next level.  If nobody wants Oklahoma City to begin with can you imagine their total lack of sports betting appeal when they are on the road?  Talk about the ultimate impossible sports betting sale!

Yet the Oklahoma City Thunder, as arguably the worst team in sports, got the cash in 10 out of 13 road games to start the season!  This is the equivalent of a sports betting “comp!”  Take Oklahoma City on the road and take a lot of extra points that you otherwise wouldn’t be getting!

The Dallas Mavericks have been a most interesting sports betting read so far this season.  Dallas had a remarkable sports betting angle going in which the road team was 19-5 against the spread in all of their games.  Again, this is contrarian thinking at its best and most profitable.

The general sports betting public would expect just the opposite on Mavericks games this year.  The Los Angeles Clippers, much like the Oklahoma City Thunder, are one of the least appealing NBA teams with the sports betting public.

Their 7-18 straight up record makes that understandable.  Yet the Clippers were 7-5 against the board on the road to start the season.

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