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Sports Betting Marquee Teams at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sports betting gamblers bet certain teams more so than others. Marquee teams exist in every online sports betting lines

Sports betting marquee teams begin in the NFL with teams like the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots.  In college basketball the marquee sports betting teams are Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and UCLA.  In college football it is Notre Dame, Florida, USC, Ohio State and a few others.  In baseball it is the Yankees and Red Sox.  The sportsbooks are flooded with online sports betting on these marquee teams.  What can we learn from all of this money that flows in on the popular teams?

Online sportsbooks around the world take in a ton of sports betting money on the public teams.  They get flooded with sports betting money in the NFL season on teams like the Cowboys, Colts and Patriots.  The NFL is a little bit more of a parity driven league than sports like baseball where the Yankees and Red Sox are good every year.  The NFL still has its public teams but just not as many as other sports.  Baseball really has the big two of the Yankees and the Red Sox.  You also see a little bit of the big marquee sports betting money following teams like the Dodgers, Mets and Cubs, but the Yankees and Red Sox tower over everyone in terms of sports betting popularity in baseball.

The NBA has the Lakers who tower over the rest of the league in terms of sports betting interest.  The Spurs, Mavericks and Heat are gaining ground though and they can also be included in the marquee club.  College sports have a lot of the marquee teams for online sports betting.  College football has a ton of teams.  You have Ohio State and Michigan in the Big 10, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Alabama and LSU in the SEC, Florida State and Miami of Florida in the ACC, Oklahoma and Nebraska in the Big 12, and Notre Dame as an independent.  College basketball doesn’t have quite as many but they still have their marquee sports betting teams.  You have Duke and North Carolina leading the way with teams like Kansas, Connecticut, Kentucky and others not that far behind.  Other sports like hockey don’t get the following and don’t qualify for having any sports betting marquee teams.

What does it really mean if the public is backing marquee teams at sportsbooks?  It means that the value on those online sports betting goes down.