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Sports Betting Lines for Golf at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sports betting lines fans have a huge menu of sporting events to choose from when it comes time to making wagers

But one type of sports betting lines that has remained constant over the years and that has proven hugely popular with fans is PGA lines. The sports betting universe has come to encapsulate so much these days that at times it can be a bit overwhelming trying to select the sports betting lines you want.

Sports betting lines have had to weather a bit of a rough patch of late as the PGA Tour took some time off at year end and the only events listed in the sports betting lines were pro-ams and European Tour events in Asia and elsewhere that lack the big names that make golf sports betting lines exciting.

However, the new year has begun and with it a new season of PGA Tour events and sports betting lines.  As any fan that follows golf knows, the PGA Tour is already in full swing even it doesn’t seem like it a present.  The reason for that of course is the absence of Tiger Woods.  Anyone who knows anything about sports betting lines in the golf world knows that its not a real golf betting event unless Tiger is there.  Woods, more than any other figure, has come to symbolize his profession.

He is one of the most dominant athletes of all time in any sport and he makes every sports betting line he’s involved with special.  He is one of the most recognizable ad popular humans –sportsman or otherwise- on the planet and its no secret why he’s so special to golf events and their sports betting lines.  Simply put without Woods, the PGA would cease to function in its current form and sports betting lines of golf would fade into oblivion.

Fortunately, the season has begun anew and Woods is scheduled to play in the upcoming Buick Invitational.  Buick has been one of Tiger’s most visible sponsors and he’s always played very well against the odds in this tournament.

It should be no surprise that he will be hugely favored in the sports betting lines for the Buick event and in all likelihood will win.  In his last outing, the only one in past several months he obliterated the field and the sports betting lines. Fans should expect much more of this in the year to come beginning with the Buick Invitational