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Sports Betting Keys to College Football at Sports Gambling

Sports betting success at college football does not come the same way as it does when betting the NFL at a sportsbook.

Sports betting handicappers have different keys to consider when betting on college football at a sportsbook.  The NFL and college games have different priorities to consider.  The first three keys to evaluating college football sports betting successfully are the coach, the coach, and the coach.

In no sport does a coach have a more significant impact on the sportsbook board than a college football coach.  In college football sports betting the coach is the virtual dictator of the program.  He is the general manger, coach, recruiter, salesman, teacher, father, confessor, and many other things to his program and players.

The coach is the program and the first way to obtain sports betting success at college football is to learn who the best current coaches are and try to get with them as much as you can.  A great sports betting example of the ultimate college football coach is Urban Meyer of the Florida Gators.

Wherever Meyer goes his teams dominate and he was won two national championships in the past three seasons at the Swamp.  Along the same lines of the coach is the program.  While not as important it still matters.

Places like Southern Cal, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, etc. all have rich sports betting traditions and the highest expectations.  Along those same lines, however, comes the value factor.  Such programs are often poor sports betting values because the public gravitates to them just for their “name”.

Recent performance is another key element at successful college football sports betting.  By recent performance we would mean both the last three games and the last two or three seasons.  It's a good indicator of the direction of a program and its emotions.  Emotions are a major factor when handicapping college football.

Inter-conference games are also important to take into account.  Many times teams from conferences that are not touted as top shelf will make the extra effort against big time schools with often shocking results! is your 24/7/365 home for the best in sports wagering action!