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Sports Betting Goes to College Basketball Early in 2008

Sports betting on college basketball is quite a challenge as you have an incredible amount of teams and games to track.

Online sports betting has made the job even bigger as you can now bet far more games on the board now than ever before.  Sports betting on college basketball successfully first requires the promise to yourself to not do to much.  Far too many sports betting handicappers make the grave mistake of trying to cover too much.

In the end they wind up burned out and confused by the workload and are ineffective.  It is a far better sports betting strategy to instead go the opposite way when looking at college basketball and to strive to do as little as possible and to lighten your workload and brain drain as much as you can.

An excellent sports betting tactic when looking at college basketball is to pick out a select group of teams or conferences to look at and to toss the rest in the “garbage bin”.  For example you could select the Big 12 Conference and its teams as the group to focus on.

This allows you to build sports betting expertise on a small group of teams and still keep your sanity.  Some gamblers simply like to focus on the big televised games listed on the sports betting board.  Again, this eliminates work and will keep you fresh.

Sports betting on the smaller college basketball conferences can often lead to unexpected value and success as you will venture where many online sports betting fans will not.  On thing that you want to strive to avoid is sports betting on the most popular teams all the time, especially at home.

The sports betting linemakers know that the general public looks to such teams and angles first.  As a result there is no sports betting value in doing so.  If anything you may want to look at sports betting on the OPPOOSITE side of power teams at home as you will often get bargains. has all of your sports gambling action including college hoops.

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