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Sports Betting Historic Final Four

Sports betting fans of college basketball are accustomed to witnessing all kinds of crazy online sports betting sites when it comes to sports.

In fact, sports betting on college hoops are so unpredictable that when the predicted happens it actually makes news such as this year’s Final Four when all four number one seeds in the sports betting tournament made the Final Four for the first time ever. With the amount of coverage available via the online sports betting sites these days there’s hardly a college hoops scenario that hasn’t played out.

Sports betting fans of every stripe are no doubt tuned into the college basketball playoffs right now and there are very few that would have believed that all the top seeds would make it to the most famous semi-finals in all of sports betting. Even though all were predicted to arrive at the Final Four based on their tournament there was simply very little reason to think that all four would make it as it’s never happened before in sports betting.

But Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA and Memphis all proved the online sports betting pundits wrong and actually won their regions. Heading into the most exciting weekend in sports betting the reactions among sports bettors were mixed. One of the key ingredients in college hoops sports betting that makes the tourney so exciting is the fact that Cinderella teams always have shot at the title.

Not this year, not with all the top seeds marching onto the biggest sports betting stage in the country. And that left some sports betting fans with a sour taste, thinking that the online sports betting for a Final Four with four number one seeds would be boring. But instead, sports betting fans were treated to a very high caliber of basketball in the semi-finals.

Memphis and UCLA played a very up-tempo game that left basketball betting fans sweating just watching the frantic pace. And Kansas’s athletic defense put on an absolute clinic versus the tournament’s overall number one seed, North Carolina. In the Championship game no one knows what will happen and every sports betting analysts has offered up different scenarios.

But one thing is for sure, sports betting fans will be treated to some very fine basketball no matter who wins the title.