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Sports Betting Contest for NL Cy Young Award

Sports betting fans of baseball are already looking ahead to the playoffs and the post season individual awards that will follow shortly after the Internet sports betting season concludes.

Arguably the most important individual award in baseball is the Cy Young. This year in the NL it is a very tight race for this prestigious award with several players being championed in sports betting circles. Sports betting fans have always delighted in the Cy Young awards as they represent recognition for individual pitchers that are often overlooked in this era of home run crazy fans. This year has been a relative comeback for pitching and the flashy batting stats of the steroid sports betting odds numbers have somewhat declined while win totals for pitchers have risen and ERA’s have lowered.

In the NL one of players mentioned the most in sports betting discussions about the Cy Young award has been Giants hurler Tim Lincecum. He has been nearly perfect in a very difficult sports betting year for the Giants. Racking up huge stats on a rotten team is tough to do, but Lincecum has done that just that with very little run support from his starts.

As one might imagine he’s had to do a lot with a little and his ERA is an impressive 2.46, best among starting pitchers in the NL sports betting. He’s also third in innings pitched and has somehow managed to win 17 games while only losing 4 throughout the sports betting season.

But he faces stiff competition in the voting from Arizona pitcher Brandon Webb who is the favorite of many Internet sports betting experts. He should be, with the impressive sports betting stats he’s racked up. He’s the NL’s only 20-game winner and with a 21-7 record it’s hard to fault his credentials for the award.

His 3.26 ERA is still among the sports betting leaders for starting pitchers and he’s among the leaders in innings pitched. But at the end of the day, Internet sports betting fans have to admit that Lincecum’s work has been more impressive considering that he’s done it with an awful team.

And on top of that, he leads Webb in every category except for wins, but has a better winning position. When it comes time for sports betting writers and Internet sports betting experts to vote for the prize, expect to hear Lincecum’s name called.

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