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Sports Betting Clippers Overview

A week ago the buzz among the NBA sports betting fans was that the Clippers were on the verge of pulling off one of their best off seasons in ever.

They were finally getting the respect that the sports betting world had denied them for so long. And then the bottom dropped out of their player wheeling and dealing and the Clips are once again the butt of every online sports betting joke. So what happened? Well, the team did sign Baron Davis, a real sports betting coup.

He was expected to resign with Golden State and it shocked many online sports betting fans when he announced the move. He was easily the best point guard available and sports betting fans were stunned.

But that sensation was temporary when at roughly the same time both Elton Brand and Corey Maggette opted out of their contracts -a surprise move for many online sports betting fans. But still, no reason to think that the Clippers sports betting hopes had gone down the toilet.

But instead of resigning with the Clipper as the sports betting world expected, both of these players departed for greener online sports betting pastures. First Brand announced a monster deal at about $16 million per year with the Sixers.

Then, Maggette shocked the sports betting community by coming to terms with Golden State; and all of a sudden the sports betting wind was out of the Clips sails and only a shell of team remained.

To put things in a sports betting perspective, the team went from being on the verge of a division title winner with three all stars (Davis, Brand and Maggette) to a slumping back to its pathetic place in the NBA’s sports betting cellar.

How a team can go from such great sports betting potential to a doormat in such a short time is astounding; and yet, very typical of how the Clippers always doing things in the sports betting world.

It’s just another example of why the Clippers are perennially among the worst franchise in sports betting and will likely continue as such until Elgin Baylor retires from the GM position.