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Sports Betting Battle

The leaves are starting to change colors, there’s a chill in the air, and the post season baseball sports betting is just about to begin.

With that comes the award voting. This year’s battle for the AL Cy Young has become something of a contentious issue among sports betting fans. Sports betting on baseball this season has been full of surprises such as the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton having a breakout season, the Tampa Bay Rays coming from out of nowhere to dominate the Internet sports betting competition and, in contrast, the disappointing play of the talent-laden Tigers against the sports betting competition.

But on an individual performance basis, perhaps the biggest surprise was the break out year by Cliff Lee, one of the most impressive pitchers this year. His numbers have been astounding and in any other sports betting year he would be a lock for the AL Cy Young.

A quick glance at this numbers reveals just how dominating he’s been against the competition and there is no one that has performed better in so many categories in the Internet sports betting stat sheet than Lee. He leads the major league sports betting in wins with 22 and with that stat comes just two losses.

Lefty Grove is the only pitcher in the history of sports betting to have such impressive numbers. But the dazzling stats hardly stop there he also has the best ERA in all of sports betting at 2.41. And that ERA is even more impressive considering he’s second in innings pitched with 213.

So why is there even any argument as to whether or not he deserves the Cy Young after putting up such impressive sports betting numbers? The answer is Francisco Rodriguez the fire throwing reliever for the Angels and now the single season record holder for saves in baseball.

He has been nearly perfect this season and drawn the admiration of the Internet sports betting fans. But at the end of the day, and as impressive as his sports betting record is, his season doesn’t even come close to stacking up to what Lee has done.

Lee has virtually an identical ERA but has pitched almost four times as many innings –there’s no contest as to whether or not Lee’s ERA is considerably more impressive. Also many of the opportunities that Rodriquez has racked up have been with the Angels leading by a wide margin.

But more than anything, with so few innings pitched it’s hard to imagine that his performance even compares with what Lee has done in the sports betting. That’s why Lee deserves the Cy Young.

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