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Sports Betting Angles at Sports Gambling

Sports Betting on the college football bowls is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

There are endless sports betting opportunities for success.  Sports betting online success on the bowls comes down to the ability to evaluate motivation and potential sports betting intangibles that don’t show in the statistical charts.

Some of the biggest sports betting online upsets in any sport will occur during the college football bowl season.  Teams from non-BCS conferences, for example, froth at the mouth to get a shot against BCS teams in a bowl.

There is no greater sports betting online example than from the January 1, 2007 Fiesta Bowl when Boise State shocked the sports betting world with their miracle upset overtime win over Oklahoma.

That was a great sports betting online example of a team with super motivation having an advantage over a team that was a traditional power who was “down” about not playing in the national championship game and being “stuck” playing a non BCS team in a bowl.

Another good sports betting angle to consider for bowl games is how a team finished the season, either good or bad.  Often times a good college football bowl sports betting angle is to take a team that hasn’t been in a bowl for a few years against a team that is playing in a bowl that is “beneath” what they are used to or originally expected.

The January 2008 Orange Bowl is a great example of this.  The Kansas Jayhawks were playing in their first major sports betting bowl since the 1968 season and their first ever BCS bowl.  The Virginia Tech Hokies, on the other hand, fell short of sports betting expectations for the 2007 season and were not nearly as thrilled to be in the matchup.

Kansas, with all of the sports betting intangibles on their side, won the game 24-21.  The Jayhawks got the cash as well, covering the sports betting board as 3 point dogs.  Successful college bowl sports betting requires the “nerve” to take what at first glance appears to be the “lesser” side that often ends up proving to be the better value.

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