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Sports Betting the AL Wild Card Race

Sports betting always pick up as autumn approaches, but nowhere is this development more apparent than in the MLB sports betting odds.

When September appears on the calendar you can be sure that for a few clubs the sports betting will see some wild and crazy action. As the regular season finish line comes into sight, an all out war for the wild card ignites and every game can mean life or death for teams on the wild card bubble of the sports betting race. Sports betting odds handicappers have seen some wild things in their days when it comes to wild card racing and baseball sports betting.

However, this year the race is somewhat subdued, but for reasons not many sports betting fans would have predicted at the beginning of the season. In fact the sports betting odds that the season would play out the way it did, would have been astronomical.

The main reason for this of course is the emergence of the cellar-swelling Tampa Rays as one of the best teams in the baseball sports betting. Before the season begins, the traditional giants of the baseball sports betting odds, the Yankees and Red Sox, were expected to battle tooth and nail for the AL East pennant.

As it turns out, with just weeks left in the sports betting regular season neither is likely to take the pennant. Instead, it is the Rays who look unstoppable in their quest for the team’s first postseason appearance in baseball betting history.

This team has come from nowhere and has become one of the most intriguing stories in the 2008 sports betting calendar year. Granted the division is still open as the Rays, leading in the standings, sit at just two games.

But head-to-head, the Rays have destroyed the Red Sox, much favored by sports betting and with a dozen games left there’s not much opportunity for the Sox to overtake the Rays before the baseball betting off season begins.

And for all intents and purposes the AL Wild Card race is over, much to the disappointment of the many sports betting fans. The Sox are seven games up on the next closest contender for the Wild Card spot and sports betting odds fans will have to wait for the postseason for something unpredictable to happen.

But considering how unpredictable the Rays’ rise to the top has been, that’s not such a bad thing.

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