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Sports Betting AFC Fans

Sports betting handicappers have heavily favored the AFC in the NFL odds over the past few seasons.

But with some crazy things happening so far in the 2008 season, a shift of power may be taking place. If, in fact the sports betting odds so far are any indication of what’s to come, we’re about to see the NFC retake its status as the top conference in the NFL. Sports betting fans have seen the AFC run wild over their NFC opponents since 2004. The New England Patriots have been the standard bearer in the NFL sports betting odds during that period, even running off the once thought impossible feat of a perfect season in the 16-game schedule.

But the team fell short in the Super Bowl and in a harbinger of things to come the NFC’s New York Giants stunned the sports betting world and knocked the heavily favored Pats. Aside from creating one of the biggest upsets in NFL sports betting odds history, it also served notice to the NFL sports betting world that the NFC had arrived.

That arrival is even more noticeable this season as the NFC is home to many of the top league’s top team while many of the AFC’s supposed top teams have started off this sports betting season in the gutter.

The Indianapolis Colts, preseason contenders to dominate the sports betting, have struggled to a 1-1 start and its defense is once again rocked by key injuries. What about the Pats? Well, with Tom Brady out for the rest of the sports betting campaign a huge question mark hangs over Foxborough.

The Jacksonville Jags were impressive last year and looked to be one of the top teams in the NFL. The team has yet to win a game and is slipping mightily in the esteem of sports betting fans and sports betting handicappers. In contrast, the NFC chances in the sports betting odds have never looked better.

The Cowboys are likely the best team in the NFL. And don’t forget about the NFL sports betting champions, the New York Giants, who have started off with a perfect record in the early going of the season.

The Philadelphia Eagles also look like a contender. For all the sports betting fans that thought the Packers were crazy for letting Brett Favre go, think again. Aaron Rogers has looked superb and the Packers have not lost a step.

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