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Sports Betting and 2008 Presidential Elections

Sports betting aficionados have long known the extent to which political betting has infiltrated the Internet sports betting boards.

But for those people that haven’t spent much time in the world, they might be surprised to find out just how viable sports betting on the presidential elections is, and what a large presence it has on most sites. With just a little over a month left in the process, things are starting to get interesting and the coverage is likely to get very interesting in the coming weeks.

Sports betting fans love intense competition and what could be more competitive than a US presidential election? It’s the overwhelming and at times wretched competitiveness that makes the elections perhaps more compelling than any other event out. Internet sports betting fans and web sites certainly seem to agree as the sports betting sites online are inundated with political betting information.

The 2008 election is perhaps the most sporting election we’ve seen in the history of the Internet sports betting era. There are several reasons for this and sports betting fans have eaten it up. The first is that the country is voting for the successor of the least popular administration in the history of the nation.

That alone would seem to create the perfect environment for a real spectacle. Voters and sports betting fans are taking special note of this election and participating at higher than average levels in the hopes of replacing the current administration with one not quite so despised.

The second reason for such high sports betting interest levels in this election is the fact that it is truly historic in many ways. Never before have the odds makers handicapped a race that featured an African-American candidate.

Nor, in the age of Internet sports betting, have they ever handicapped a race featuring a woman vice-presidential candidate. Sports betting fans are keenly aware of these evolutions and anxious to be a part of this new change. The players in this year’s election are also very compelling and that’s part of the reason that many sports betting fans are taking note.

Barack Obama is perhaps the most interesting presidential candidate ever, coming from a mixed race heritage with family in Kansas and Kenya and having grown up in Hawaii and graduated from Harvard. It is a very unique résumé and far more interesting than most that sports betting fans see from presidential candidates.

And that’s to say nothing of VP pick Sarah Palin, mother of five, former pageant queen and moose gutter extraordinaire. Never before have such interesting people vied for the presidency and sports betting fans are taking notice.

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