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Sports Betting Action at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sports betting is one of the great traditions anywhere in sports. Anyone who loves sports betting, now thanks to online sports betting.

And that’s great news considering the slate of exciting sports betting on the schedule in the coming months ahead. Sports betting action is pretty exciting year round, but the December, January and February stretch is awfully hard to beat.  Everyone is aware of all the big time online sports betting action coming up in the NFL with the playoffs and the Super Bowl. 

And every fan is certainly looking forward to some sports betting action in the college football bowl season, but one sport during this season that often gets overlooked is NCAA basketball.

There is perhaps no sport more exciting in sports betting than NCAA basketball.  And with the increasing amount of top non-conference games being scheduled in the month of December now, there is almost never a dull moment on the calendar if NCAA basketball is involved.

It used to be that NCAA betting never passed by most online sports betting fans radars until at least February.  But that’s simply not the case anymore.  There is such a huge variety of big sports betting match ups in NCAA basketball right now that it threatens to make NBA betting irrelevant.

Take for example the action at the NCAA basketball level in just this weekend alone.  Number 2 Memphis will play against number 4 Georgetown in the biggest non-conference game in sports betting so far this year.  Number 6 Duke will also be action against number 9 Pitt in another great non-conference match up in college basketball.

And once conference action in college basketball starts up, there will an almost un-ending supply of great opportunities.  Already this year, as in many years when it comes to sports betting, the ACC and the PAC 10 have emerged as the top conferences to beat.  Combined, the two power conferences have nine of the top 24 college basketball. These teams’ will get beat up a little bit in conference play and their records bruised as well, but when the NCAA tournament comes around expect to see plenty of these conferences’ teams on the sports betting boards.