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Online Sports Wagering Outside US

Online sports wagering is often associated with the US. And it’s very true that the US is the largest sports wagering market in the world.

With so many top tier sports leagues and an affluent and large online sports wagering market it’s no surprise, but US online sports wagering fans are now starting to look outwards for other sports wagering opportunities as the Internet brings them more and more betting odds to chose from.

Online sports wagering has grown into one of the most exciting Internet-based industries out there. The growth over the past decade has been phenomenal and online sports wagering hasn’t even come close to reaching a point of market saturation. The demand for online sports wagering services and odds only seems to grow.

As quickly as the odds can be posted they seem to be devoured. And in recent years fans have shown an interest in exploring new online sports wagering opportunities outside of their tradition online sports wagering markets.

For example, the English Premiership League (EPL) has shown tremendous growth on a worldwide scale in terms of viewers and sports wagering demand. There are many reasons for this of course but the spread of the online sports wagering industry has certainly helped to propagate this growth.

In the US where soccer has never been all that popular, the sport is slowly starting to catch on the demand for online sports wagering lines for EPL games is on the rise. Soccer fans in the US may not quite fully understand the nuances of the game but when you mix sports wagering into the mix the occasion becomes much more interesting.

However, the real growth for the EPL has been realized in Asia where much, if not most, of the demand has reassured from a mix of increased access and a spread of the online sports wagering in this part of the world.

Most Asian societies have been long soccer fans but because of the relative lack of technology in this part of the world over the past few decades there had been little interest in outside soccer.

But now that computers are everywhere and satellite TV has brought live coverage of the EPL to many parts of Asia demand for online sports wagering odds regarding the EPL have sky-rocketed.

The EPL has been by far the most visible of the European soccer leagues thanks to the aggressive marketing tactics in former colonies and the results have been obvious in terms of the increased demand for sports wagering odds in this part of the world.

And the good news for the online sports wagering industry is that they growth looks to have no end in sight.