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Online Sports Wagering Industries

Online sports wagering has taken on a life of its own. It is absolutely perfect in terms of growth potential; sports betting are leading the charge.

The beginning of the year is one busiest times on the calendar for online sports wagering and with March Madness coming up around the corner things will only start to get crazier. Online sports wagering experts, economists and sociologist have long taken pleasure in attempting to decipher the various meaning from the March Madness sports betting frenzy.

For many people it means different things, but there should be no disputing the fact that there for three weeks the sports betting world is completely mad -but in a good way. This year the field of college basketball is lining up to provide a pretty great show when the online sports wagering industry shifts its attention to the big dance.

The undefeated teams seem to be dropping off one by one and now just two teams remain perfect in the online sports wagering rankings.  With its big time upset over the past weekend the Maryland Terrapins handed undefeated and previously ranked number one team, North Carolina its first loss.

However, not many online sports wagering fans expected the Tar Heels to keep a perfect record with such a demanding ACC schedule.  And even after the loss most online sports wagering experts still consider the Tar Heels the country’s number one team even if they aren’t ranked as such in the polls.

According to the gurus, the team with the best chance going undefeated throughout the entire sports betting season is the Memphis Tigers.  The team plays in a sub-par conference and is in terrific physical condition, plays pressure D, has a deep bench and score.

It’ a very formidable team indeed, but it lack of big time competition has soured the opinion of some online sports wagering experts.  Still, the Tigers have the most difficult non-conference schedule and still must face Tennessee and Gonzaga, two very good online sports wagering teams.

Among all this discussion at the top of the polls Kansas continues to be the favorite of many online sports wagering fans, as it well should be.  This roster has at least three lottery picks on its roster according to many online sports wagering analysts and can play with anyone in the country.

However, so far this year there hasn’t been quite as dynamic as many online sports wagering fans expected and faces a very tough Big 12 conference schedule.

Nonetheless, despite their imperfections there aren’t sports betting fan out there that doesn’t expect these three teams to do some damage when March Madness rolls around.