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Online Sports Wagering Enemies

Online sports wagering and sports betting also have many enemies and many of them are elected public officials.

Online sports wagering has been around for more than a decade now and every attempt to diminish its presence has failed miserably.  The reason for this is that the US Congress, try as it might, has no authority to try and control other than by arresting US citizens in their homes for engaging in online sports wagering.  As you can imagine this is not a very popular proposition for congressional representatives and so the legislative body is relegated to shouting threats and shaking fists, but mostly hindered in any real effort to regulate the sports betting industry.

After years of such pointless activities it appears that for the first time since the emergence of the online sports wagering industry there may be a real effort to legitimize its operations.  Veiled regulation of the sports betting industry has not worked in the past and it seems that politicians may have finally given into common sense.

With the presidential candidates out stumping on the campaign trail there has been little mention of issues related but many insiders feel that the Congress will finally endorse the idea of online sports wagering in the coming years, especially if the next presidential administration is from the Democratic party.

Fighting against the sports betting industry has been to this point not only futile, but also hypocritical.  Everywhere you look in popular culture today you see gambling sites are just a small part of that.  If you turn on the TV, no matter what time of day it is, you’re likely to see a game of poker somewhere.

If you turn on the radio in your car you’re very likely to hear an advertisement for local casino.  If you go on the Internet you’re bound to see an advert for an online sports wagering site.  So why pretend like people don’t have access to –and enjoy- sports betting any longer?

Soon enough the law makers will realize that online sports wagering not only provide enjoyment to tens of millions of people, but that is also a very taxable enterprise that could create massive streams of new revenue for the government and create thousands of jobs.

As soon as law makers realize this, you will likely see very little opposition to online sports wagering. It is this opposition in the halls of the US congress that prevents sports betting business from setting up shop in the US, but with new elections scheduled for the fall all of this could change in the near future.