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Online Sports Betting in Women Basketball

Online sports betting fans have seen all kinds of wild action in this year’s NCAA basketball action.

Both the men’s and women’s action has been fast and furious but inevitably it’s been the men’s game that has most captivated the online sports betting community. This is the way it’s always been and perhaps the way it will always be when it comes to online sports betting, but the women’s game has been making huge strides in catching up with its male dominated counterpart. Sports betting fans have historically shown much less interest in women’s basketball at the college level than they have for the men’s game.

But this trend is hardly specific to the college game.  At the pro level online sports betting fans can also chose from both men’s and women’s basketball and despite a ton of money and strenuous marketing efforts the WNBA has never been able to compete with the NBA in terms of popularity among online sports betting fans.

And although it may not be polite to say it is no secret as to why the community prefers the men’s version of basketball to the women’s version.  Perhaps it’s even poor taste to declare such a thing, but according to most fans, women’s basketball is boring.

When you compare the women’s game to the men’s game there is really no contest among the online sports betting community as to which game is more excitement.

To break it down into it’s most basic components, online sports betting fans want to see huge dunks, three-point shots from long range, explosiveness off the dribble and intricate ball handling and passing all done a very fast pace.

The reality is that the women athletes simply can’t put on the same type of online sports betting show as men can.  The top women players simply aren’t as fast, strong, quick or able to jump as high as the top men players in online sports betting.

But that doesn’t mean that the women’s game isn’t worth watching and many online sports betting fans discount the women’s game too easily.  Over the past decade the women’s game has greatly improved in terms of skill and excitement and much of that has to do with the many more professional options that women have nowadays.

Many online sports betting fans don’t even know that women dunk the ball in games now.  They are also much faster, quicker and handle the ball better than ever before.

So if you’re a fan that thinks the women’s game is boring, think again and try your hand at online sports betting on women’s basketball, you’ll be glad you did.