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Online Sports Betting Quantity at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Online sports betting can be about quality or quantity. It is rarely about both. Bet on quality instead of quantity in online sports betting?

Online sports betting may not be all about quality.  Let’s say you can somehow pick 55% to 60% percent of your games in online sports betting.  If you play 10 games that will mean you win 6 out of 10.  Let’s say you bet a reasonable $100 per game.  That means you go 6 wins for +600, and 4 losses for -440.  You make $160.  Let’s increase those games by 10 times.  Your percentage goes way down – say to 55%.  You win 55 games and lose 45.  That is +$5500 and -$4950.  Your profit now is $550 instead of $160.  You hit a lower percentage but because of your quantity you made more money in online sports betting.

Many people will say that betting that many games is just too much.  It all depends upon your outlook and if you can hit a reasonable percentage in online betting.  More is better if you are winning at online sports betting.  If you can hit even a reasonable percentage, say 55%, then betting more games gives you more wins, and more wins means more money in online sports betting.

More games also will mean more risk, and more risk means more money needed for online sports betting. If you have a bad day playing a lot of games, you are obviously going to lose a lot more money in online betting.  The opposite is true of course, in that when you win more games you win more money.  That is the biggest reason that playing more games is a good plan in online betting.

If you can handicap games reasonably well, then playing more games is definitely the way to go in online sports betting.  You still want to handicap your games properly but if you have an advantage then you should be playing the game in online betting. Playing a lot of games is not always an easy thing to do in online sports betting.  You need a large enough bankroll to withstand losses and bad runs, and you also need enough patience to withstand the ups and downs of betting a lot of games.  You should now know that quantity is not a bad word when it comes to online sports betting.