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Sports Betting Phenomenon

Sports betting is phenomenon that enjoys great appeal no matter where you might find yourself on the globe.

The two main components of sports betting: sports and wagering lines, are easily attainable and become even easier to obtain thanks to the creation of the online sports betting industry.  With opportunities out here there is no doubt that this pastime will continue to enjoy tremendous growth in the doming decades. Sports betting have a long and varied history.

No matter what country you examine you’ll find a unique and interesting history to the local, of that you can be certain.  In the US the world’s largest sports betting and online sports betting market in the world, there is certainly an interesting and rich tradition that has been around for ages.

Online sports betting in the modern era in the US most likely dates back to the semi pro baseball leagues that begin developing sometime shortly after the civil war ended.  That is mostly likely the roots of the sports betting that still occurs on existing sporting leagues.

Of course it wasn’t long before the semi-pro games turned into leagues and the leagues turned into professional enterprises which greatly enhanced the opportunities.  Around the turn of the century the American and National leagues were formed and joined forces.

The advent of radio broad casts and then TV broadcasts greatly enhanced the opportunities, all the way to the creation of online sports betting which had in effect revolutionized sports betting around the world. For football, the present day darling of the US sports betting world the road to the top was somewhat less streamlined.

American football is nearly as old as baseball, but it took much longer for this sport to catch on among fans.  In an age of online sports betting where the NFL is king that may seem like a crazy idea, but a century ago football was little more than a game played between white college boys in the north east.

It wasn’t until well into the 20th century that the game spread across the country and began reaching fans on the west coast.  Even then it was still a college game and it wasn’t until the inter-war years, and even more so posts WWII that football as a professional tame took off.

To see how big both of these sports have become in the age of sports betting, it’s interesting to contemplate their humble roots.