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Sports Betting Never Been Better

Sports betting have taken the world by storm, with the introduction of the online sports betting industry things have never been better.

One of the sports that has benefited most in the era of sports betting has been women’s tennis. Online sports betting have only been around for a short time but during that short time women’s tennis has grown to astronomical popularity.  Never before in the history of the sport have some many people been interested in women’s tennis and much of that has to do with online betting.  Sports betting sites have done a great job promoting the women’s game and the sport has certainly grown as a result.

But in all fairness the sports betting industry had a lot to work with. At around the same time the sports betting industry began gaining a foothold among bettors a young woman by the name of Venus Williams broke onto the scene.

Ms. Williams, who need no introduction to online sports betting fans, brought the game to an entirely new level of popularity and did more for the sport than any player since Chris Everret nearly to years ago.

Not only did Venus revolutionize the way the game was played with her power strokes and great athleticism, but she brought heaps of attention to the sport on online sports betting boards. Prior to that time not many sports betting sites posted women’s tennis sports betting odds.

But Williams had a special charisma, a great success rate and more than anything she helped tear down the race barrier in women’s tennis.  Even today you don’t see all that many minority players on sports betting boards, but certainly more than you used to.

Venus’ sister Serena, the more talented of the two burst onto the scene several years later and the two of them together put women’s tennis on the sports betting map.  And because of their stellar play they forced the rest of the women’s tennis field to raise their games.

Sports betting mainstays like Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, Monica Seles and more recently Maria Sharapova and Jelena Jankovich all raised their games and brought a new level of competition to women’s online tennis betting.

And as a result, today, on many online sports betting boards women’s tennis has over taken the men’s field in terms of popularity.