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Online Sports Betting NBA Season

Online sports betting fans can chose from any different number of sports to bet on.

Of course much of what a online sports betting fan can wager on depends on what sport is in season and right now perhaps the biggest sport with a season in full swing is the NBA and it’s been drawing much of the attention in the sports betting circles. One of the reasons for this is that one of the biggest events of the NBA online sports betting calendar is about to go down.

Online sports betting fans don’t generally get jazzed up about all star games, but the best of these showcases –by far- is the NBA all star game.  Ask any online sports betting fan with an interest in professional basketball and chances are that they will watching and or wagering on this classic sports betting show down.

For those online sports betting fans not familiar with the process the fans chose the starting five players for both squads, but the coaches of the respective East and West squads select the remaining 7 reserves that will dress for the online sports betting all star weekend.

The reserves were recently announced and of course every online sports betting fan has different opinion but for the most part the best players were selected.  As with any online sports betting all star game there were several exclusions that have left sports betting fans scratching their heads.

Perhaps the biggest exclusion from the 2008 all star that has received the most complaints from online sports betting fans is Golden State point guard, Baron Davis.  Davis is the best player on a very dangerous Warriors squad and most fans believe he should be at the all star game, and he should.

The problem is that the West is simply so talented –according to most online sports betting experts there are about 20 all star caliber players in the conference- that no matter how they slice the NBA sports betting all star pie, there is bound to be some snubs.  Another huge snub on the West roster is Manu Ginobli.

Ask any fan and they’ll tell you that Ginobli is the best player on the Spurs this season, even better than all star game starters Time Duncan and Finals MVP Tony Parker.  Still, fans will not see him in New Orleans. But the snubs are not limited to the West.

Many fans believe Hedo Turkoglu of the Magic deserves to be at online sports betting’s biggest all star game.  And he does.  But unless something changes, he’ll have to wait until next year.