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Online Sports Betting on March Madness

Online sports betting most important month of the year is just two weeks away and the excitement level among sports betting fans is reaching a peak.

You see, March is just around the corner and with March, comes March Madness, the ultimate online sports betting event anywhere in the world. Online sports betting fans are a strange bunch to begin with and when you introduce a wild card like March Madness to the mix the results can be outrageous. Sports betting on March Madness, for the novices out there, is the biggest basketball tournament in the world.

At the end of the regular season of college basketball online sports betting are treated to the playoff tournament to end all playoff tournaments. The top 65 teams in all of online sports betting college basketball are gathered together and forced to play to the death.

Only one team will emerge from these three weeks of online sports betting madness and just one loss will send a team packing. The competition is cutthroat, the games numerous and the pleasure of online sports betting fans is off the charts.

There is simply no other major sports betting event that compare to this crazy tournament and if you like online sports betting on basketball, you simply cannot afford to miss this action. This year the tournament is as wide open as online sports betting fans have seen it.

Aside from a clear number one team at the top of the rankings the rest of the teams through the number 12 spot are virtually equal which means the online sports betting will be crazy.

Memphis is the only undefeated team left in the country and if it can finish the season without a loss it will the unanimous favorite among the sports betting public to win the tourney.

But even if the Memphis Tigers do manage a perfect season many online sports betting fans are still unconvinced as the team plays in a watered down conference.

And even if they are the best team online sports betting fans know that anything can –and does- happen in the NCAA tournament and that’s what makes it a must see for sports betting fans.

There is still time to bone up on the all the top teams and see how they might fair in the wacky tournament to come and you hardly need be an expert in sports betting to enjoy it.

In fact, in most cases when it comes to the NCAA tournament, novices often fair far better than the experts who tend to over-analyze.