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Sports Betting Know-How

Sports betting requires very little computer know-how and perhaps that’s why online sports betting such a popular past time.

Its population has grown rapidly over the past decade and now online sports betting represent the majority of all sports betting. And one of the sports that has enjoyed the most growth in popularity as a result of sports betting is college basketball.

Sports betting represents a huge swath of different sports to bet on, but ask any sports betting fan and they’ll likely tell you that one of their favorite options is college basketball. There is simply something about the way the college game is played, the frenetic energy or the passion from the crowd that makes it a very appealing option.

This season has been very interesting for most sports betting fans and it represents a departure from recent history. Over the past five years online fans saw many unknown and mid-major teams climb to the top of the college basketball rankings.

That’s has simply not been the case this year as the top teams in college basketball are the traditional royalty on online college basketball betting.  Consider that the likes of UCLA, North Carolina, Duke and Kansas have all been ranked in the top five for most of the season.

This is what most sports betting fans have come to expect when they think of college basketball. But in more recent years it has been the teams from mid-level conferences such as the MAC or Conference USA, or even more obscure conferences that have come out of nowhere to still the limelight from online sports betting heavy hitters.

Fans certainly remember George Mason’s Cinderella run two years ago to the Final Four.  One theory as to the cause of the this return to glory by traditional online heavyweights is the new rule change, instituted last year, which requires high school players to pass at least one year in college basketball so that sports betting fans can get a look at them.

That has meant that the big name schools are once again getting the top players in college basketball sports betting, instead of the players simply heading for the NBA.

This arrangement has been great for sports betting on college basketball, even if it means the traditional teams rising back to prominence in online sports betting, because it improves the overall level of play.