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Online Sports Betting Era

Online sports betting has never been better and as the year 2008 gets into full swing the promise of great sports betting action continues to grow.

Nearly every sports betting fan is currently relishing one sport or another right now whether it's the NFL playoffs, the NHL, the Aussie Open or whatever their sports betting sport might be. However, one sport has lagged behind noticeably in the online sports betting era and that sport is boxing.

Fans can remember back a decade or two ago when boxing was still a marquee sports betting sport and big fights seems to pop up all over the calendar. Now it is rare occasions indeed for online sports bettors to be excited about a boxing match. Sure, from time to time there are some good matches that come to the attention of fans, but they are much fewer and farther between than ever before in the history of sports betting.

A century ago boxing was the biggest sport in the world, a sport so popular and dominant that it would have no equivalent in today's online betting world. Everyone with any interest in sports followed boxing - something that may seem inconceivable for sports bettors coming of age. But it was absolutely true. With baseball and football still in their infant stages and soccer relegated to the European continent it was all boxing all the time. A very far cry indeed from the online era.

Now boxing matches rarely draw much attention from the general online sports betting public. Take 2007 for example, the number of decent fights listed on online sports betting boards can be counted on one hand. And supposedly the biggest match of the year according to online sports betting experts, the De la Hoya and Mayweather fight was a snoozer. De la Hoya was slow and off the mark and Mayweather was too defensive and lacked the power trade punches with former champ, much to the chagrin of the online sports betting world.

But take nothing away from Mayweather who is as fine an all around fighter as the online sports betting community has seen in ages. He is quick as a cat and even though lacking in knock out power operates like a surgeon in the ring and doesn't seem to need that tool. Unfortunately, as any fan will tell there is simply no one out there to match his skills. He sits along atop the online sports betting boxing community looking down at the inferior boxers, which includes fighters from every weight.

It's unappealing to contemplate, but sports betting have lost a great sport with decline of the sweet science.