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Online Sports Betting Calendar

Sports betting fans around the world look forward to the Super Bowl every year as one of the online sports betting highlights on the calendar.

However, the sports betting reality is that the main event rarely lives up to the hype and millions of online sports betting fans are left feeling empty after such a big run-up. Nowadays, the Super Bowl is known more as a cultural event rather than a sports betting event, even though the games have been getting more competitive in recent years.

Sports betting fans have been all over the Super Bowl betting lines since the inaugural competition over 40 years ago. In the early days when the AFL and NFL were still two different leagues the sports betting opportunities were fantastic for football fans.

The two leagues were generally well matched and the close outcomes kept the fans glued to their seats until the end of the game.  Even well into the seventies and early 1980’s the sports betting was awfully close in the Super Bowl.

Many online sports betting fans may not remember back that far but for the most part the Super Bowl scores were still competitive despite the emergence of dynasties like the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers.

Of course, there were much different rules regarding player movement in those days and that had a huge impact on sports betting. Consider that there were no free agents or salary caps at that time, something that is unimaginable in the age of online sports betting.

That meant that teams could stock pile talent and some did, which often skewed in their favor.  But even with these dynasties, the sports betting on the Super Bowl still remained interesting and in many cases close. That all changed in the late 1980s and 1990s when the NFC completely dominated the AFC in Super Bowl match ups.

During that stretch of time when the 49ers and the Cowboys were on top of their games, the sports betting on the Super Bowl was absolutely atrocious. Super Bowls were all blowouts in those days and there was little reason for that event other than to try and beat the point spread.

But in the era of free-agency, salary caps, parity has come to the NFL and for the most part, since 2000, the Super Bowl has been quite interesting. Teams and conferences are now much more evenly matched and that has greatly improved interest in the Super Bowl.