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Online Sports Betting for Basketball

Sports betting fans represent nearly every segment of society. There sports betting fans in nearly any demographic of society.

But despite all the differences among Sports betting fans, one sport that they all seem to have in common is basketball. Sports betting are one of the most popular sports around the world and in every country there are legions of NBA fans.  Online sport betting sites are now accessible by nearly everyone in the world and as a result fan interest in the NBA has grown considerably.

And, as the NBA rosters now feature many foreign players, it’s only natural that the Sports betting interest in the NBA would increase around the world, especially in countries that have produced NBA stars. In fact, perhaps more so than any other major Sports betting league the NBA serves as perfect example of globalization.

It’s not simply the fact that there are foreign players in the NBA that makes it such a good representation of globalization but the fact that it has tapped into developing economies and played a roll in the development.  For example, Sports betting fans might look at talented foreign born players as raw materials or imports.

Take for example a player like the Denver Nuggets’ Nene, a player most fans are familiar with.  He could be seen as a Brazilian import to the US.

His move to the US has helped him out, as well as benefiting the online sports betting industry, Sports betting fans that have won on his performance, and helped out the Brazilian economy via the taxes he pays on his salary there. In this scenario it’s a happy ending for everyone.

Clearly not all globalization benefits everyone involved, but when it comes to Sports betting in the NBA it seems one of the rare instances where everyone does benefit.  And this is only a very shallow investigation of the subject in regards to Sports betting on the NBA.

When you take into consideration all the externalities and the economic and general welfare spin-offs that are created, thanks in part to the online sports betting industry, the benefit to the global society is much greater. From a fans prospective the advantages of getting great foreign born talent in the NBA is obvious.

But from a non-Sports betting perspective consider the children in Brazil who look up to Nene as inspiration and who one day may also play in the NBA thanks to his example.  This may not overtly benefit the industry or sports betting fans, but it give a priceless commodity to young people in Brazil: HOPE.