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Online Sports Wagering on the NBA

Online sports wagering is all over the world. No matter where you travel around the globe you’re going to find an online sports wagering fan.

And most likely one of the most favored sport to bet on for these online sports wagering fans is NBA basketball. Online sports wagering on this season’s NBA basketball action begin at the end of October in 2007 and has now reached its midway point.  That being said it’s a good time to take a moment and assess the league, specifically which player is most deserving of the MVP halfway through the online sports wagering season?

At the top of the list there are three candidates that have been widely talked about in online sports wagering circles: Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett and LeBron James.

All three players are having outstanding years and not doubt are deserving of the MVP award but if you talk to most online sports wagering experts with knowledge of the NBA there is only one player that deserves this honor.

Many sites are now taking bets on who will win the MVP award and even have online sports wagering odds listed on the leading candidates, but it would be a travesty if LeBron were ripped off yet again in this competition.

Kevin Garnett has made a huge impact on the Celtics avering almost 20 points, 10 rebounds and 3.8 assists so far in the online sports wagering season.  His team is also the most successful team in the NBA against the online sports wagering odds.

It’s impossible to find fault with those numbers but they simply don’t stand up to James’.  And for all the talking heads who say that record should count for something, Garnett has plenty of help on the Celts with fellow superstars Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

As many online sports wagering fans will point out, James has no one to help, and when he isn’t in the lineup, his Cavs get blown out of the water. Concerning Chris Paul, who has matured into one of the best point guards in NBA online sports wagering, he’s good but he’s no MVP.

He gets mentioned simply because of the novelty of his name in many circles.  True his team has showed a great turnaround against the lines and the Hornets are now one of the best teams in NBA online sports wagering.

But again the Hornets have brought in several big free agents that have helped turn the tide, it’s not Paul doing it by himself as many analysts have suggested.  And further, he’s not even the best player at his position in NBA so how could be the MVP?

The simple truth, whether fans want to hear it or not is that LeBron is on pace to average 30 points, 8 boards and 8 assists per game. Case closed.  There is no player that comes close to those stats, and without LeBron the Cavs would be the worst team in the league. Period.