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MLB All Star Game Sports Betting

There was a time when the MLB all-star game was more a less a waste of time for the average sports betting fan.

Sure, it was great to see your favorite players all on the same squad but few fans actually took the time to engage in sports betting on a game that no one cared to win. But that has all changed and now that the online sports betting win here carries some weight in the playoffs, teams are desperate to win and the sports betting thrill has returned to the Summer Classic.

This year the all star game will be extra special as it will be held in New York, the de facto capital of the sports betting universe and perhaps the world in general. But more than that, it will be a farewell to the House that Ruth Built as Yankee Stadium will be the host for the last time in this new era of online sports betting.

This once proud sports betting gem and icon of the baseball world will be raised shortly and the Yankees will conduct their online sports betting business in a brand new stadium nearby. But aside from all the farewell tributes there is still a very important sports betting competition to be played.

Ever since the winner of the NL vs.AL match up was awarded home field advantage in the World Series the All Star game has taken on new meaning and is now a can’t miss online sports betting event.

In a wonderful change of attitude players now run out ground balls, hustle in the field, steal bases, and play as though the game actually meant something -not just some sports betting spectacle. And that development has been great, not just for sports betting fans but for the game itself.

More people are tuning in to watch and more sports betting fans are going online to sports betting sites to wager. So as the Summer Classic approaches, forget the boring, pointless games of the past and know that the all-star game is once again a very compelling sports betting play.