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Limitless Sports Betting Online

Sports betting online provide sports fans with an almost limitless array of internet sports betting opportunities.

Sports betting online have opened up huge avenues of wagering opportunities for many sports but F1 is certainly one of the sports that have benefited most by the growth of the sports betting online industry.  F1 racing has always been a popular sport world wide but during the late 1980s and early 1990s the sport was in trouble.

Its popularity world wide was in decline due a dearth of big time drivers and the sports betting world was losing interest quickly. That’s when the sports betting online industry entered the picture.

Just when F1 racing needed a bit of a pick me up and the sports betting online industry needed to gain new fans through a diverse range of sports, the two came together and produced a marriage made in heaven for sports bettors.  Because F1 is so international in nature it was previously a bit difficult to engage in sports betting on many of the races.

For example, suppose you’re a racing fan in Brazil but the F1 event that week is in Japan.  Not many bookies would have carried the sports betting odds for the race because of lack of communication and the huge time zone difference. Sports betting online changed all that.

Sports betting online sites streamlined the language barriers and provided instantaneous reports on the race results.  In this way, sports betting online opened up many new sports betting opportunities for F1 racing fans.

It was about that same time that Team Ferrari resurrected its F1 racing team and was able to entice superstar Michael Schumacher to come to come over.  This paring of team and driver formed the most successful driving run in the history of sports betting online.

Schumacher and Ferrari were absolutely dominant and were so successful over a seven-year span that the sports betting online odds were basically there for the second-place and lower finishers as Schumacher was favored every time he got behind the wheel.

Now that Schumacher is retired the F1 racing and sports betting online partnership is as strong as ever.  Thanks to a new crop of young drivers like Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton sports betting online odds for F1 will continue to be in great demand.