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Internet Sports Betting on NASCAR

Internet sports betting is a very causal and relaxing past time. It’s also a great source of recreation for sports betting fans.

Sports betting haven’t always focused on auto racing but in recent years it’s grown increasingly popular.  There are in fact many different kinds of auto racing and this type of variety appeals to many different types of sports betting fans.  The most popular of the various types of auto racing available to Internet sports betting fans to wager on is NASCAR.

NASCAR was once an obscure form of backwoods racing that had little sports betting appeal outside of the Southeast US, but all that has changed quite dramatically.  NASCAR sports betting is now the fastest growing type of sports betting out there.

There are many reasons why sports betting fans like to pass the time wagering on NASCAR, but one of the most compelling reasons is the sport itself.  If you consider the fundamentals of auto racing it’s little different than a horse race, which is perhaps the most perfect Internet sports betting event ever created.

But the one thing that NACAR Internet sports betting has that horse racing doesn’t, is the element of danger.  Any sports betting fan will tell you that horse racing can be dangerous, and of course that’s true, but collisions in horse racing is rare, whereas collisions are what NASCAR fans have come to expect in their Internet sports betting.

NASCAR in that light is more like a Roman gladiator sport in the sense that most fans tune in just to see the carnage which is all but guaranteed, as they pack way to many over-sized, overweight cars on to the track at once –a recipe that all but guarantees collision of magnificent proportions.

Other types of auto racing actually try and prevent collisions.  Perhaps the best known of this alternative is F1 racing.  F1 racing is the open wheeled cousin of NASCAR and according to most analysts is the highest form of racing in the world.

Be that as it may, sports fans are still flocking to NASCAR in droves.  Apparently carnage, for many fans, is preferable to racing purity.