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Halftime Sports Betting Online

Sports betting online is not limited to just the normal game sides and totals, as halftime sports betting options are also available.

Many sports betting online sites will put up halftime lines on football and basketball each season. Let's look at what goes into making sports betting online halftime odds. Sports betting halftime wagers must be made quickly.

That is usually good news for the bettor though as since the time is limited; the time available to make the sports betting halftime odds is limited. Most of the time when you look at the sports betting online halftime number in football you will be able to check the opening line on the game and divide it in half to come up with the halftime sports betting online odds.

This is not an automatic thing depending upon the score, but more often than not it is a very good guide. Now that we know how the oddsmaker comes up with the sports betting halftime line are there things we can do to take advantage of his mistakes? Let’s look at an example from NFL sports betting.

We have the Carolina Panthers playing at Tampa Bay and the Bucs are a 3-point favorite with a total of 35. The Panthers have a 13-10 halftime lead. What do you think the sports betting online halftime odds will be? If you divide it in half you would have the Bucs a 1.5 point favorite with a total of 17.5.

That is not going to be the sports betting online halftime odds in this case because the Bucs are trailing, but it still will be close. The sports betting online oddsmaker can’t make the Bucs a 3 point favorite because that is a dead number since Tampa trails by 3 and if they win the second half by three the game would go into overtime.

What you are likely to see in this case, depending upon which side the sports betting online oddsmaker needs in sports betting online action, is the Bucs either -2 or -2.5. You could see a -3.5 but it is unlikely since the spread on this game was not very high.

The sports betting online oddsmaker will shade Tampa more because they are trailing but in this case there is not much he can do because of the score.