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Sports Betting Online Teasers for College Football

Sports betting online teasers are a great way to get involved in college football sports betting.

Sports betting online enthusiasts won’t play nearly as many teasers in college football as they do in the NFL which is too bad because college football offers some good betting opportunities for sports betting online teasers. Sports betting online college football teasers can be exciting.

There are three main options for the college football sports betting online teaser and sometimes you will also see a fourth option.  Sports betting online college football teasers are usually 6, 6.5 and 7 points.  You may also see the 10 point sports betting college football teaser.

The basic sports betting odds on these teasers will change slightly based on which of the three options you choose. For example, with a three team sports betting online football teaser you will have odds of 9-5 for 6 points, 8-5 on 6.5 points and 3-2 on 7 points.

As sports betting gamblers when we bet college football teasers we want to be a little more selective than we might be in the NFL. College football is much more unpredictable in terms of the point spread than the NFL is.  The first place to start is by looking at games with small point spreads, less than 10 points.

This gives us the option of teasing either side to numbers that become attractive with a sports betting online teaser.  We want games that should land near the point spread. Getting an extra touchdown is very valuable in a game that should be close.  It is also possible to tease both sides of the same game if you really think it will be close.

For example, let’s say that USC is playing at UCLA and is a 13-point favorite with a total of 45.  The bettor teases all four options giving him USC -6 and UCLA +20.  He also gets over 38 and under 52.  That gives the bettor a very nice sports teaser if he likes USC to win a close game.

It would be even better if the Trojans were a 7 point favorite since then you could tease UCLA up to +14 and USC down to a pick. As a gambler, when you bet college football teasers it is always good to keep your options open and consider many different things.

Sports betting online college football teasers definitely have a place in your wagering menu and they can definitely put some excitement into your college football Saturdays.