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Wimbledon Men Sports Gambling

The mark would set a new record for the most prestigious tennis tournament in online sports gambling, but a victory here is hardly a sports gambling certainty.

The Roger Federer express continues to look very strong as the world number aims for his sixth straight sports gambling title at Wimbledon. With top sports gambling rival Raphael Nadal also looking very strong and a very difficult match against Russian Marat Safin on the schedule, it will be tough going in the online sports gambling for the Swiss maestro.

With over the half the tournament action already past and the toughest rounds of the sports gambling still to come there is reason for caution for even a great player like Federer. From here on out the wins will not come easy and if he truly is the number one player in all of sports gambling this is when he’ll have prove it.

Many online sports gambling sites have begun to question whether or not Federer hasn’t been surpassed by Nadal, and the 2007 sports gambling stats so far have seemed to support that theory.  But Federer is in his one true medium on grass and he is perhaps the greatest player on this surface in the history of sports gambling.

Certainly during the online sports gambling era there has been no one greater. In fact, it’s often overshadowed due his great success on all sports gambling surfaces but Federer is just as good -if not better- than Nadal is on clay.  But before these two champs can meet in the Finals, Federer must first get past a rejuvenated Safin in the semi-finals.

Safin has looked very impressive so far but against Federer he’ll likely be overmatched, according to almost every online sports gambling expert. The big Russian simply is mobile enough to handle a barrage of returns Federer will fire and will be hitting the ball at shoulder height all day and likely committing errors.

Should Nadal reach the finals as most sports gambling fans expect he’ll be in for same steady menu of high rising balls. But because of his athletic prowess he can digest them much better. This highly anticipated match up should be one of the best Wimbledon finals in recent sports gambling memory.