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Online Sports Gambling vs. Traditional Sports Gambling

The advantages of online sports gambling versus traditional sports gambling are so vast.

A good analogy between online sports gambling and conventional sports would be comparing a Ferrari to a bicycle.  Online sports gambling are, of course, the Ferrari in this comparison and conventional sports gambling simply cannot compete.

Online sports gambling exploded onto the scene nearly twenty years ago but never really took root and exploded into the major online sports behemoth that it is today. Online sports gambling begin appearing almost immediately after the Internet technology began to spread to private households.

In the beginning was of course much different than it is now and there were many bugs to work out along the way.  Fans that remember the first versions of the online sports gambling sites would certainly draw a huge distinction between the first editions and the present online sites.

As with any newly developed industry or technology the only way to work out the kinks is on the fly, through trial and error and online sports betting was no exception to this rule.

The very first versions of sites were much different that the online sports gambling sites that fans see today, but perhaps the biggest area of divergence was the variety of sports gambling opportunities offered by the early online sports gambling sites.

For the most part the only sports available were the major US sports which still dominate the industry today. But along the way these online sports gambling sites have added a mountain of selection to their offerings.

Once the bugs had been worked out of supplying consistent stream online sports gambling odds for sports like the NBA, NFL and MLB, the online sports gambling sites set their sites overseas. Europe, the world’s second largest market was obviously the first choice.

Within the European market soccer is king.  So the sites started covering odds on soccer events and the online sports gambling fans ate it.  Sites are continuing to innovate and the future holds great promise.