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The Sports Gambling Discipline

Sports gambling with success is as much or more about discipline than it is about knowing the teams and players listed on the sportsbook board.

Sports gambling has plenty of experts that know everything there is to know to beat the sportsbook yet they are cleaned out by their lack of discipline.  Nobody can succeed at sports gambling without solid discipline.  Nobody, no matter how well they pick games, can survive long term at a sportsbook if they don’t also have discipline.

One of the biggest causes of loss of discipline in sports gambling is a “bad beat”.  A “bad beat” is something that all gamblers have had to endure and suffer through.

It is when a bet that seemingly was in the bag as a sure win blew up, such as on a missed extra point, a called back touchdown, a team shooting the ball into their own basket, and on down the line.  These things are always going to happen in sports gambling.  What separates the winners from the losers is how they handle these “bad beats”.

Most gamblers coming off a “bad beat” in sports gambling will immediately go “on tilt” which is a slang term from poker that means a gambler is going to make even bigger bets on lesser percentage games in order to recoup the sports gambling loss from the “bad beat”.

Nearly always, the gambler that goes “on tilt” ends up blowing up his bankroll and is broke in short order.  “Tilt” is about emotion; it’s a tirade at the betting window and has nothing to do with solid sports gambling fundamentals.  This lack of sports gambling discipline also ties into money management.

When gamblers chase losses with money that was not supposed to be part of that day’s wagering activity they nearly always lose it because they are betting with emotion rather than fundamentals.  Emotion is the most expensive commodity in gambling.  The most valuable commodity is discipline.

You will find that gamblers with discipline will win far more money than experts without it. has your complete lineup of action in all sports.  Be sure and open an account today!