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Sports Gambling Online - Stunned Italy Looks to Regroup

Sports gambling online handicappers are yet to recover from one of the biggest World Cup gambling shockers in recent memory when New Zealand tied Italy on Sunday.

Sports gambling online fans thought that Italy was a sure thing against the Kiwis but it was instead a World Cup gambling lesson that anything can happen on the pitch.

New Zealand was one of the least respected teams in the World Cup tournament and ranked 78th in the world.  Italy is the defending champion of the World Cup and ranked 4th in the world.  The big question is if the Italians can recover from that epic 1-1 draw in which they were humiliated on the global stage.

Italy head coach Marcello Lippi has gone public in blaming his players for not following orders in the game against New Zealand.

“Evidently something is not working if we’re not able to put the ball in the net,” said Lippi.

“The Azzurri’s” big problem has been the inability to finish off their chances.

In their draw against New Zealand Italy outshot the “All Whites” 23-3 with 7 shots on goal compared to 1 for the Kiwis.

“We’re having trouble in front of the goal,” said Lippi.

Lippi’s team has now scored just 5 goals in their last 7 games.

“I think we’re trying too hard,” said Lippi.  “We still have a chance, but we can’t continue like this.”

Italy also played to a draw in its opener with Paraguay and now faces a must win game on Thursday against Slovakia.

Italy striker Alberto Gilardino knows that his team must step up their play in the World Cup gambling match with Slovakia.

“The important thing is to look forward not back,” said the scoreless Gilardino.  “The possibility to go through is there just as our will to win.”

Gilardino added that the team’s struggles have been surprising to him.

Lippi remains ultimately optimistic about Italy’s chances.

“We can still do important things in this World Cup.   It’s within our possibilities.  We can do so much better than what he have done so far.”

Italy has not posted a win since a November friendly against Sweden.

For gamblers that like to “lay the lumber” with big favorites, Italy has proven to be an overlay that has also shown that in World Cup soccer there is no such thing as a sure thing.