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Sports Gambling - Sluggish England on the Brink

Sports gambling handicappers pegged England as one of the top tier World Cup betting favorites entering the World Cup but that is now completely out the window.

Sports gambling results have been absolutely stunning as England has been sluggish and sloppy in ties against the United States and Algeria and now facing elimination.

England will play on Wednesday, June 23 against Slovenia in a must win match that will end their group stage schedule.

Algeria was not considered to be much of a sports gambling threat against the English, who were prohibitive favorites entering the match.

Nearly all handicappers expected a maximum effort from England after their stunning draw against the United States that was considered to be somewhat of a fluke in that America gained the tie with a lucky goal due to a horrendous blunder by the England goalkeeper.

Algeria was not nearly as talented as England but much more disciplined and that was the difference in the 0-0 draw.

With their recent woes, of course, comes the absolute venom and rage from the English fans and press who have no tolerance for anything other than victory.  More than any other country, England is well known for its unruly fans and soccer hooligans that take things to an ugly level when the team fails to deliver.

The good news for England is that despite the bad start they have a history of come backs in past World Cup tournaments.  In both 1986 and 1990 England stumbled out of the gate in the group stage only to rally and progress into the round of 16.

What concerns most English fans and World Cup handicappers is that England created fewer chances against Algeria than they did against a United States team that was considered superior.

Another problem has been the play of Wayne Rooney, the super star of the team and the man expected to deliver the goals.  Rooney came up empty in the first two games and has lacked his usual swagger.  Rooney’s partner, Emile Heskey, has also been ineffective and looking clumsy in the process.

Coach Fabio Capello was touted as a coach that would bring discipline to the English team but is now under fire for the poor start.  A win Wednesday, however, will change all of that.