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Sports Gambling - Rooney More Focused and in Control Now

Sports gambling preparations are at a nonstop pace as handicappers prepare for the FIFA World Cup, which is one of the premier gambling events of 2010.

Sports gambling focus will be like a lazar for England and one of the biggest names in all of online sports gambling; Wayne Rooney, the undisputed star of the “Three Lions.”

Rooney is known throughout World Cup betting as a fiery player with a bad temper that can easily be rattled.  But Rooney has worked hard to change that image and will enter the World Cup with a new found respect as a player that is now under control and playing with cool and calm.

Rooney’s newly developed maturity is one of the reasons that England is one of the online sports gambling favorites to win the FIFA World Cup.  There has been the theory that the best way to beat England is to get under Rooney’s skin but that appears to be less likely to happen.

Rooney will enter World Cup betting as one of the best known players in the world.  He plays for the famous Manchester United when not competing on the international stage where he has scored 25 goals in 60 caps for England.

Rooney scored 9 goals to lead England in their sports gambling qualification stage for the World Cup and has scored 30 goals for Man United this year.  Although he is only 24 years old Rooney first burst onto the scene eight years ago when at the age of 16 he quickly gained notice of fans everywhere for his play and ferocious temper.

He played in the 2006 World Cup football betting tournament for England and was celebrated as a fearless player despite playing with an injury that prevented him from being fully effective.

Rooney has developed plenty of sports gambling maturity since that time however as he has won three English Premier League titles and a UEFA Champions League title as well since that initial World Cup appearance in Germany.

Rooney is a fan favorite and one of the reasons why England will get plenty of attention with gamblers wagering with the World Cup betting odds.  His intensity and drive is emblematic of the English fan base and why he is revered by the country’s soccer fanatics.