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Sports Gambling - Pressure Mounts for Three Lions

Sports gambling expectations are always off the charts for England when it comes to World Cup betting and their poor start in the group stage has stunned handicappers and angered fans.

Sports gambling pressure has reached a boiling point for the Three Lions as they have scored 1 goal in their first 2 games and now face a must win match on Wednesday with Slovenia.

England played the United States and Alergia to draws in their first two games as a heavy favorite and that has ignited the passionate anger of their fans and press, as well as heat from gamblers who got burned making the big overlay in those first two games.

According to England’s manager Fabio Capello, the mounting pressure is getting to the team.

What has stunned so many FIFA World Cup handicappers is how England has looked to be a mere shell of the team that won 9 out of 10 games in the qualifying stage.  The England team was booed off the field by their own fans at Green Point Stadium after the scoreless draw against Algeria.

Capello has stated, in fact, that he would not rule out handing in his resignation if England fails to make it out of the group stage and into the round of 16.

“It’s too early to speak about this,” said Capello regarding a potential resignation.  “We have to wait.”

England’s performance against Algeria was one of the worst in the history of the team.  Not only were the English not in sync but Wayne Rooney was once again shut out after being touted as a scoring machine entering the tournament.

Capello was quite honest about how poorly the Three Lions performed in their opening sports gambling match against the United States.

“We did not play a good game,” said Capello.  “We missed a lot of balls when we had to control.  We missed a lot of passes and when we arrived at the box we tended to shoot at the goalkeeper.  We missed everything.  In this game I did not see the spirit of the team.”

Capello also said that Rooney has not played like Rooney although he failed to blame the striker individually and instead focused on the entire team picture.

“It is the pressure of the World Cup,” said the manager.  “I hope on Wednesday to see the England team.  This is not the England that I know.”