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Sports Gambling - Portugal Captain Confident

Sports gambling excitement is growing as handicappers are counting down the days for the FIFA World Cup and the gambling excitement that will come.

Sports gambling preparations continue for the June 11 start and Portugal has emerged as one of the online sports gambling sub-favorites to win the FIFA World Cup.

Portugal is a second tier World Cup betting favorite in large part based on the confidence of team captain Cristiano Ronaldo, who believes that the team can advance into the later stages of the tournament despite playing in the same group as Brazil, who is favored with Spain to win the FIFA World Cup.

Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid when not on the Portugal national team and will play in what many sports gambling experts consider to be the toughest group in the FIFA World Cup.  They will open action with a game against Ivory Coast.

“I believe that the group that fell to Portugal is the most difficult,” said Ronaldo.  “It will not be easy, I repeat, but we can overcome the group stage.”

While Ronaldo admits that Spain deserves to be the favorite with the World Cup odds he and his teammates have no fear of playing them in the later knock out stages of the FIFA World Cup.

“We must respect Spain, it’s enough to say that they are one of my favorites,” said Ronaldo.  “Playing Spain would mean we passed through the group stage.  It would be a one off game and then anything can happen.”

Ronaldo has also said that he cannot do it alone and for Portugal to attain sports gambling success in the FIFA World Cup that they will need a team effort.

“It’s not enough to have just two or three players,” said the Portugal captain.  “For a team to win the World Cup you must not necessarily have eleven good players but seven for eight of a very good standard.”

Ronaldo is known by many handicappers that will make a World Cup football bet as a former star on Manchester United.  He said that Portugal was an improved team for the 2010 FIFA World Cup from the 2006 team that finished fourth in the FIFA World Cup in Germany.